Why Blog?

Once upon a time, I was a high school student blogging away on my (then trendy) Xanga page. I have long given up my Xanga profile…but I have kept countless journals, notebooks, planners, idea folders, & pinterest boards of ideas, artwork, random crafts & (somewhat) creative prose. I would follow other blogs religiously, but never got the gumption to start my own. Finally, I came up with the following reasons to just get off the proverbial bench & DO IT:

1) Sharing: I have gathered invaluable insight & inspiration from bloggers – craft ideas, recipes & instructions, encouragement from other moms, teachers, cloth-diaperers, etc. This is a small way to give back.

2) Collecting: I hope this will be a place to collect ideas/projects/memories/stories in one neat & tidy place. Just a good ole Web-Log!

3) Writing: I love to write & what better way to practice than blogging? A whole cyber universe to listen to me!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your visit & leave inspired.

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