Good Friday

“There’s a hymn which has a verse beginning, ‘Jesus is Lord! Yet from his throne eternal, in flesh he came to die in shame on Calvary’s tree.’ There is one word there that is wrong. It shouldn’t be ‘yet’. It should be ‘so’. Jesus is Lord, and so, and therefore, he came into the world, came to his own people, came to the place of fear and death itself. He came out of love, love for the father, love for the world. …The son of man has arrived at the place where the problem began, to take its full force upon himself.” [N.T. Wright]

Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an offering far too small; Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. 

Natural Spring Cleaning

Cleaning house is never the most appealing activity on my list of things to do, but recently I have been experimenting with more natural cleaners and I have to say, it hasn’t made the experience worse! 😉 I’ve always felt a little funny about the cleaning products that require you to ventilate, wear rubber gloves, use a gas mask, etc while using their products …and I became especially aware of these effects when I was pregnant with my first child (there are certain cleaners you should just NOT use while you’re growing a human being!). Also, now that my first baby is a toddler I’m even more aware of what fumes I’m putting in the air and what chemicals I’m putting on surfaces that are at toddler (mouth) level.

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Pin Project #10: House Number Pots

Well, here it is, my final pin project for this challenge! I’m sure I will do this again soon – it definitely kept me motivated and inspired to actually USE the pin boards I’ve created. This project is a combination of two different ideas: creative house numbers & painted pots!

For this project I used: 4 pots (different sizes), stencils (cheapo from hobby lobby), painter’s tape, & leftover chalkboard paint!

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Pin Project #8: Mod Podge Bird Feeder

Today is a beautiful day! Thankfully, I spent most of nap time outdoors. Our yard is slowly beginning to be plant-season-ready and one of the biggest tasks for this season was leveling & seeding our back lawn. After the previous owners took their pool away and we did a drive-way project last year, our back yard was basically a big circle of bare dirt & weeds (we affectionately called it the “crop circle”). So last week we raked everything flat, filled in holes with topsoil, and laid down fertilizer & seed. Now we just need lots of sun, water, & prayer! 🙂 One other potential problem is I’ve been noticing a family of robins hanging around the bare patches and I’m sure they’re enjoying seeds as well as exposed bugs. So today’s project was an attempt to distract our feathered friends from eating all our grass seed!

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Pin Project #7: Mod Podge Canvas

So you would think, being the lover of crafts that I am, that I would have LOADS of experience using Mod Podge (the all-purpose adhesive, sealant, epitome of all things crafty). But, no! Today was my FIRST EVER Mod Podge project…and I have to say, I’m sold! It was simple to use, easy to clean up, and had very fun results. In fact, my Pin Project for tomorrow also involves the Podge…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Today’s project was inspired but a couple different pins, but the original idea was a sort of painted over collage on canvas (which I still might try some day).

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Ode to Summer: Tomato Pie

Today is a beautiful day to enjoy a mid-summer (I mean, mid-March) treat. This weather is really unbelievable and it has me dreaming of sun tans and gardening and reading by a pool. However, it is only March 21st so instead I decided to make myself a tomato pie. Oh yes, the deliciously southern delight where you fill a flaky pastry with sun-ripened tomatoes and cover it with mayo and cheese. AmAAAzing! The first time I enjoyed this savory pie was while working camp in Mississippi. Our lovely host, Mary Faith (double name, of course), made us a homemade pie and a spinach salad for lunch one steamy afternoon. I was introduced to countless southern dishes during my two summers working there, but this was hands down one of my favorites.

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