Natural Spring Cleaning

Cleaning house is never the most appealing activity on my list of things to do, but recently I have been experimenting with more natural cleaners and I have to say, it hasn’t made the experience worse! 😉 I’ve always felt a little funny about the cleaning products that require you to ventilate, wear rubber gloves, use a gas mask, etc while using their products …and I became especially aware of these effects when I was pregnant with my first child (there are certain cleaners you should just NOT use while you’re growing a human being!). Also, now that my first baby is a toddler I’m even more aware of what fumes I’m putting in the air and what chemicals I’m putting on surfaces that are at toddler (mouth) level.

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Pin Project #5: Get Organized!

I should have an entire pin board devoted to strictly organizational tips. There are so many great blogs & ideas out there! Now, if only I could find the time… 😉 We are heading into a very busy weekend so I decided to get my weekend cleaning done today during nap time – so instead of crafting, I used a few of my pinterest organization tips.

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