Stuffed peppers with s(oy)sage

As promised, here is the “stuffed” peppers recipe that I modified from the original recipe my mom made when I was a kid (her original recipe was from Emeril, but I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so anyway…credit where credit is due). First you have to make Emeril’s special “seasonings” mixture (this is the most complicated part of the whole recipe, and SO worth it, I swear!):

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Whole Foods

I’ve written before about my journey to better eating and I hesitated even writing this post because it is such a “hot topic” these days. However, in keeping with the name of my blog – food is something I seriously LOVE. With that in mind, we’ve decided to try and eat a strictly whole foods & plant-based diet for the month of September. The reason I phrase it this way instead of vegetarian or vegan is because 1) they are both loaded terms & 2) we knew we wanted to have some flexibility throughout our “diet” (read: lifestyle change!)… I’m hoping to blog about some of our experiences, what I’m sure will be MY personal struggles (Sam is disciplined, I am emotional), and also include any especially good recipes that I find along the way! Our original inspiration came from the documentary Forks over Knives (you can find it on Netflix) & we will also reference the Engine 2 Diet. Yummm…

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Rhythm of Family: June Adventures

Some of my most fond memories of childhood are from the summertime. My parents only have an acre of property, but it was a vast “natural” playground for us, as kids. I remember swinging on our rope swing through huge puddles after a sudden, summer thunderstorm. I remember hiding in the hollow of an ancient lilac bush, reading books and sneaking away from the world. I remember lying on quilts and gazing up at the stars, learning constellations and catching lightning bugs – on nights unpolluted by city lights and sounds. The smell of freshly cut grass, sun-warmed hay, and just-turned earth all take me back to those glorious, country-summer days.

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DIY: Felt Farm!

For being a person who enjoys “crafting” there are quite a few methods (medium?) that it took me a long time to try. I’ve only recently experimented with Mod Podge (and loved it), rag quilting, or felt – and each one of them was easy & addicting!

After seeing quite a few projects on pinterest that used felt (doll houses, bunting, quiet books, etc) I thought of making a small vegetable garden for N to play with her farm animals. The pin projects made it seem like an affordable and easy medium to use and I thought the material would work well for having removable fruits/veggies for the garden (Come on, who didn’t love “flannel boards” as a kid??) This project turned out so much cuter & easier than I thought that I went a little crazy and made her an entire felt FARM!

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Just a walk in the Garden…

Everything is finally in!! Now we just need some RAIN!

Sunflowers on the north side, carrots & beets, spinach & lettuce, and some peas that I hope survive this heat wave!

Nature is so colorful!

I’m drooling already. Nothing like fresh, sun-warmed cukes…

Dreams of caprese, chili, tomato pie & lots of fresh salsa…

This little beauty attracted a hummingbird to our backyard a few nights ago!

Happy planting & have a safe & restful Memorial Day!