Fave Five: Back to (pre)School!

Fall is in the air! I absolutely love this time of year & I’ve recently started being a little more intentional with N’s activities throughout the week. Each week I try to focus on one letter, color, and animal. I’m hoping it will give a little structure for both of us – so N will know what to expect each day in terms of her playtime, and I will not go crazy before naptime (she doesn’t go down until 3pm these days!!). Each week will look totally different, but I’m hoping that N will come to expect some rhythm and look forward to starting a new letter each week. So far we’ve finished week A & B and here are some of our favorite new books (notice the titles contain A’s & B’s!):

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Fave Five: Spring!

It’s a new season & I’m dying to update our Fave Five list! Honestly, our book circulation hasn’t changed that dramatically in the last few months but I’m just excited about this little tradition on the blog and I’m itching to post again. Most of these books have nothing really to do with “spring” but that’s ok – open some windows,  grab a glass of lemonade, and get reading! 🙂

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Fave Five: An Introduction

Oh, I am so excited about this new blogging tradition: Fave Five.

I read about/got the idea at Dinner: a Love Story which, incidentally, if you’ve never visited Do. It. Now. You will just love their little family and all the delicious & time-saving dinner ideas!

Ok. Fave Five. This will be a post written about our most current five favorite books! I’m so excited. The original idea was an attempt to “hold on to [her] daughters’ childhoods” as she discarded/gave away/donated old books & memorabilia and I think I can empathize with that feeling. My Fave Five will also serve as a mile-marker and memory-keeper of stories shared as our family grows! Can you tell I’m excited?

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