Things I love Thursday

Larabars mmmm…tasty.

Parenthood¬†we don’t have a lot of “shows” but this one has us for good. We love the family dynamics and we love analyzing the “parenting” strategies after the episode is done. And of course it gets us both crying. Every. Time. ūüėČ

Cloud Atlas ok, this book was a mental exercise, but it was SO interesting and worth the time. One review that I read after the fact said “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” But I’m so glad he did! The author brilliantly wove a story through 6 different genres/time periods/novellas and it was quite an experience! It reminded me in some ways of Life of Pi in the way it wove themes about the human experience & spiritual connections – but it was a completely different story. I’m also pretty stoked to see the movie.

You are Your Child’s First Teacher wow, this book is so good (I’m about 1/3 of the way through). It is not about homeschooling but about how the most foundational moments of a child’s life are in the first 6 years. It is encouraging, empowering, and insightful. I’ve already learned things about N and her development that have helped me work through potential meltdowns and other things that have just helped me be more present with her. The thing I love about this book is it is totally accessible. She argues that a mother’s love is not about quantity but quality – and it is the most important thing¬†in your child’s life regardless if you are a stay-at-home, working, or single mom!

Family Fridays Sam has been rearranging his schedule so we can spend some quality family time each week & we have already enjoyed a trip to the Zoo & this week I’m thinking maybe McQueens Orchard! I love growing our little family with him.

Things I DONT love:

Potty Training¬†Boo! This is so not fun. I thought I had a potty prodigy on my hands…unfortunately, we’ve had to start over since Baby A has been born. We started a potty chart this week (Nor loves stickers) but even the promise of ice cream has not proved to be a motivation. It doesn’t help that she had a cold this week & has been an emotional wreck. Oh well… this too shall be a distant memory… some day…

A Rag Quilt…& lessons in Potty Training!

It has been a long time coming, but I am finally posting pics of my first-ever rag quilt! This project was inspired by a wonderful group of women from my community who decided to get together once a month & SEW! This was our first project and it took me about a month to complete. All-in-all it was pretty easy & forgiving – I am bad at following patterns & am more of a “bend the rules” crafter! You can find loads of easy & cute tutorials for rag quilts online & on pinterest, of course. This pattern was for a crib-size quilt and my plan was to gift it to my 2-year old on her birthday as added motivation to transition to her toddler bed before baby sister arrived…however, things did not go according to plan.

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Scrappy Quilt

Like I posted a few days ago, I am blessed to be surrounded by many creative women! Crafters, bakers, poets, musicians, mothers (making & raising beautiful babies), photographers, gardeners…It is pure joy to watch them do their thing(s). A few weekends ago a small group of us got together to sew – some of us for the first time! ūüėČ There was a creative energy in the room with ideas & inspiration bouncing between the tables. Two of the pro’s were working on sewing some new clothes (one a lovely tunic & the other recycling some old yoga pants into a comfy, stretchy top!) and the rest of us were trying our hand at a “rag quilt”. This was my first real sewing project and I’m already realizing that it’s going to be a challenging first go.

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Cloth Nappies 101

I have been using cloth diapers for almost 2 years now with my kiddo and I have had a great experience. I’ve had many friends email me with questions because they feel overwhelmed or just aren’t even sure where to start. When I was pregnant with my first child I had TONS of support & had at least 2 close friends already cloth diapering their babies that I could observe/ask questions/creep around their house taking notes. So this post is in an effort to give my brief personal experience with all things cloth and have a place to point friends to when they ask me for my suggestions.

Please recognize that this is my personal opinion & this post is only meant to be helpful to those people/moms who are CURIOUS or have already BEGUN their journey and just want a little moral support. If you are personally offended by or otherwise hate cloth diapers you are entitled to your opinion but please don’t bother commenting here. THANKS!

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