Rhythm of Family: June Adventures

Some of my most fond memories of childhood are from the summertime. My parents only have an acre of property, but it was a vast “natural” playground for us, as kids. I remember swinging on our rope swing through huge puddles after a sudden, summer thunderstorm. I remember hiding in the hollow of an ancient lilac bush, reading books and sneaking away from the world. I remember lying on quilts and gazing up at the stars, learning constellations and catching lightning bugs – on nights unpolluted by city lights and sounds. The smell of freshly cut grass, sun-warmed hay, and just-turned earth all take me back to those glorious, country-summer days.

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Just a walk in the Garden…

Everything is finally in!! Now we just need some RAIN!

Sunflowers on the north side, carrots & beets, spinach & lettuce, and some peas that I hope survive this heat wave!

Nature is so colorful!

I’m drooling already. Nothing like fresh, sun-warmed cukes…

Dreams of caprese, chili, tomato pie & lots of fresh salsa…

This little beauty attracted a hummingbird to our backyard a few nights ago!

Happy planting & have a safe & restful Memorial Day!

DIY Terrarium

I love house plants. I love how they keep the house bright and welcoming, even in the dead of winter. I dream of having a sun room one day that I can just FILL with tropical plants and flowers. Sadly, when we bought our house I didn’t really consider space for house plants and I didn’t notice that we have very few sunny spots. Our south facing windows are under our front porch and everywhere else is either too gloomy or too cold (in the winter, anyway).

Over the past few years I’ve made do with a jade plant, hoya, two¬†philodendron (I don’t think you can kill them), and the occasional vase of cut flowers from the grocery store. However, this year we got infested with gnats! I’ve never had this problem before…and I’m not even sure what they were (little black flies that resembled fruit flies) but they took over ALL my house plants. It was pretty depressing & I ended up moving everything down to the basement and decided that whatever could survive would be moved outside once it warmed up. Most everything made it except my jade…but I did a couple cuttings so hopefully I can re-grow the babies.

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Rhythms of Family: May

I had been meaning to write a post on family rhythms for each month of the year (inspiration from this book) but I completely skipped March & I actually still thought it was April today until I looked at my calendar!! (sidenote: “mommy brain” is legit.) Oops…warm weather kept me outdoors, I guess. Maybe this post should be titled “Rhythms of Family: Spring“…

I was just reflecting last night that I’ve really appreciated how long of a spring we’ve had this year. Granted, we barely had a winter…but I feel like the last few years have transitioned from bitter, cold, winter to humid, sticky, summer VERY quickly. I’ve appreciated the cooler (albeit grey) days interspersed with an occasional sunny (sweatshirt & flip-flops) day.

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