A Rag Quilt…& lessons in Potty Training!

It has been a long time coming, but I am finally posting pics of my first-ever rag quilt! This project was inspired by a wonderful group of women from my community who decided to get together once a month & SEW! This was our first project and it took me about a month to complete. All-in-all it was pretty easy & forgiving – I am bad at following patterns & am more of a “bend the rules” crafter! You can find loads of easy & cute tutorials for rag quilts online & on pinterest, of course. This pattern was for a crib-size quilt and my plan was to gift it to my 2-year old on her birthday as added motivation to transition to her toddler bed before baby sister arrived…however, things did not go according to plan.

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Rhythm of Family: June Adventures

Some of my most fond memories of childhood are from the summertime. My parents only have an acre of property, but it was a vast “natural” playground for us, as kids. I remember swinging on our rope swing through huge puddles after a sudden, summer thunderstorm. I remember hiding in the hollow of an ancient lilac bush, reading books and sneaking away from the world. I remember lying on quilts and gazing up at the stars, learning constellations and catching lightning bugs – on nights unpolluted by city lights and sounds. The smell of freshly cut grass, sun-warmed hay, and just-turned earth all take me back to those glorious, country-summer days.

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DIY: Felt Farm!

For being a person who enjoys “crafting” there are quite a few methods (medium?) that it took me a long time to try. I’ve only recently experimented with Mod Podge (and loved it), rag quilting, or felt – and each one of them was easy & addicting!

After seeing quite a few projects on pinterest that used felt (doll houses, bunting, quiet books, etc) I thought of making a small vegetable garden for N to play with her farm animals. The pin projects made it seem like an affordable and easy medium to use and I thought the material would work well for having removable fruits/veggies for the garden (Come on, who didn’t love “flannel boards” as a kid??) This project turned out so much cuter & easier than I thought that I went a little crazy and made her an entire felt FARM!

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Crochet Play Food!

I have been working on this little project for (seriously) almost 2 years now! I started crocheting these little treats when I was pregnant with my first daughter and now she is about to have her 2nd birthday. THIS WEEKEND. It is amazing how quickly time flies.

I loved my play kitchen when I was a kid and I still have a soft spot for play food (its just so cute!) so I wanted my kiddos to have the same experience. I’ve been stalling actually giving her these little treats because I wanted her to be old enough to identify them (pb&j, pita, apple & pear are some of her favorites!) and not just use them as chew toys. Most of the patterns came from this book which I highly recommend – all the patterns were easy to follow and almost everything turned out exactly how it looked in the book (not always the case with patterns!). I also got the pattern for the cupcakes here.

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Rhythms of Family: May

I had been meaning to write a post on family rhythms for each month of the year (inspiration from this book) but I completely skipped March & I actually still thought it was April today until I looked at my calendar!! (sidenote: “mommy brain” is legit.) Oops…warm weather kept me outdoors, I guess. Maybe this post should be titled “Rhythms of Family: Spring“…

I was just reflecting last night that I’ve really appreciated how long of a spring we’ve had this year. Granted, we barely had a winter…but I feel like the last few years have transitioned from bitter, cold, winter to humid, sticky, summer VERY quickly. I’ve appreciated the cooler (albeit grey) days interspersed with an occasional sunny (sweatshirt & flip-flops) day.

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DIY Crochet Baby Rings

I attended a baby shower recently for a dear friend from high school. It was so fun to reconnect with old friends & acquaintances – and especially to meet their CHILDREN (or children-to-be)! There were at least 4 of us, including the lovely lady being “showered”, who were pregnant and many others that had their kids/grandkids with them (or at least pics to share). It was so strange being in the church I grew up in and seeing all of my childhood friends growing their own families. It was a beautiful thing & a reminder that time flies fast.

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Scrappy Quilt

Like I posted a few days ago, I am blessed to be surrounded by many creative women! Crafters, bakers, poets, musicians, mothers (making & raising beautiful babies), photographers, gardeners…It is pure joy to watch them do their thing(s). A few weekends ago a small group of us got together to sew – some of us for the first time! 😉 There was a creative energy in the room with ideas & inspiration bouncing between the tables. Two of the pro’s were working on sewing some new clothes (one a lovely tunic & the other recycling some old yoga pants into a comfy, stretchy top!) and the rest of us were trying our hand at a “rag quilt”. This was my first real sewing project and I’m already realizing that it’s going to be a challenging first go.

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