Letter A

This post was drafted a few weeks ago & we have since completed Weeks B & C as well! It’s going really well & has been an easy way for me to put a little purpose into our week. For more ideas & to see what else we’ve done, you can check out my ABC pinboard.


Our first week of “preschool” went well – my prep work paid off and it was really easy to just pick a topic/activity/craft in the moment if I found our day getting a little long. 😉 This weeks topics were: Letter A, Ants, and the color Red! Here’s a peek at what we did…

Letter A Box:

  • That’s a stuffed Alligator in the back 😉
  • Apron
  • Board books: Pepo & Lolo & the Red AppleAngelina Ballerina’s 1-2-3
  • Apple & Apple slice
  • Letter A (puzzle piece, foam, and fridge magnets)
  • Rubber Alligator & Ape (and matching phonics cards**)
  • Animal cards: Ant & Armadillo**
  • Airplane (Melissa & Doug puzzle piece)
  • Magna-Doodler for writing practice
  • **I picked up the phonics & animal cards from the $1 section at Target!

Lots of fun Letter A books. I just wandered through the library & also used this blog.

Letter A with Apple stamps! (printable courtesy of ConfessionsofaHomeschooler)

Monday: Letter Box & “Grover in an Airplane!” coloring page (Target $1 section again)
Tuesday: Read all of our “A” books & since most of them had to do with Apples we did apple stamps with fingerpaint – super fun & not as messy as I thought it would be! We also did the Nursery Rhyme: Way up High in the Apple Tree (with hand motions).
Wednesday: Talked about Ants! Read some books, played with some ant stickers & watched A Bug’s Life – we watched this on the 4th of July with N as our “first family movie night” & she talked about it for weeks afterward, so I was really excited to surprise her with it again…
Thursday: Sesame Street episode on Netflix (Season 40, episode 6) – Letter A & #14. We tried to talk about letter sound & word recognition as N is a little too young to really practice “writing” her letters yet, but that would be an easy thing to do with your kiddos after learning about the letter all week.
Friday: VACATION! – we took some of her “A” books with us for the car ride

There are so many blogs and pinboards full of ideas…you seriously just have to do a search on pinterest for “Letter ___” and you will get a bazillion ideas. One blog I read suggested singing (to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”) …A says ah, A says ah, every letter makes a sound, A says ah. Of course my little songbird loved it! There are a ton of creative people in the world.

3 thoughts on “Letter A

  1. We’re doing a letter of the alphabet each week too 🙂 I agree, it’s almost overwhelming how many ideas are out there to choose from . . . I look for simple & easy, but occasionally try something more challenging and creative. Cute daughter! Looks like she is having so much fun – keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for reading & for the comment! 🙂 I look forward to reading through your ABC posts as well! 🙂 I like that you pick one “theme” for the week…I’ve found I kind of end up all over the place with so many different “topics” – I’m looking forward to starting over next year & getting to add new crafts & games too…and for my littlest one to join in the fun soon. Blessings!

      • Some weeks it’s harder to pick just one theme . . . like if there are a lot of fun things that start with that letter then we might do a different one each day, or if I don’t have enough books or crafts for just one theme then I’ll do a couple of different themes . . . at this age, the main thing really is that it’s fun!

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