Eat your veggies…week 4 wrap up!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of September! This is the final week of our “whole foods” diet & I am starting to feel like we’ve made some permanent changes to our routine. I went grocery shopping today & realized that I only ventured once into the “middle aisles” of the store (where most of the processed foods reside) and that was to get some Kashi granola bars for Sam. This week’s menu:

Monday: dinner with friends (who happen to be amazing cooks!) – Lentil Shepherd’s pie
Tuesday: Tostadas
Wednesday: Whole wheat shells with tomato sauce & kale
Thursday: Salad or leftovers
Friday: Lasagna (squash instead of sweet potato)
Weekend: Black bean burgers & “Stuffed” Peppers

Our biggest struggle (once this month is over) is going to be the weekends – it is so hard to stay disciplined, especially when weekend activities tend to revolve around cheesy, fatty, and otherwise delicious foods (pizza, bar-b-q, icecream, etc). However, I’ve definitely found that the better (whole) I eat during the week, the worse I feel when I eat ordinary (processed) foods! Now, if only my body would crave apples & pears the way it craves macaroni & cheese…….someday, maybe? 😉


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