Eat your veggies…week 2

Had a pretty good week last week…only a few exceptions to our whole foods “rules” – I had another pumpkin spice latte (in celebration!) and we grilled bratwurst on Sunday that were leftover from our block party (it was Sabbath & we didn’t want to just throw away perfectly good food). My stomach was not happy about the brats so I think that’s a pretty good sign that my body is feeling the benefits.

My favorites meal this week was a modified version of “stuffed peppers” that I got from my mom. This recipe was a staple when I was a kid and it is one of those meals that makes me cozy & reminiscent. We FINALLY made it to the Westgate Farmer’s Market & loaded up on peppers & onions. I swapped out the ground beef for chopped portobello mushrooms and instead of actually “stuffing” the peppers, I chopped them up & made it into a skillet dish. It turned out great (and still gave me the warm fuzzies even without the beef!) I will try to post the recipe sometime this week or next if I make it again before the month is over. Now…on to this week’s menu:

Monday: Potato & Leek soup (sans milk/cream)
Tuesday: Red beans, kale & quinoa
Wednesday: Tacos or Veggie chili
Thursday: Salad bar
Friday: Whole wheat pasta with red sauce & steamed broccoli

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