Eat your veggies…week 1

Week 1 of our whole-eating adventure was a success….with only a few “shortcuts” 😉

Monday: we stayed at my parents, so I enjoyed scrambled eggs with my mom
Thursday: 1 free drink at Starbucks = 1 venti iced pumpkin spice latte (not a whole food, I’m pretty sure)
Friday: night my family had a fish fry (annual event) while my great-aunt was visiting from California…we both enjoyed some fresh lake erie perch in her honor 🙂
Sunday: We’ve decided to allow ourselves more freedom on Sabbath and it just happened to be our first (annual!) Block Party on our street! We met about 10 new neighbors & had a great time getting to know one another, grilling, playing cornhole, and enjoying the most gorgeous afternoon.

I haven’t really tried any new recipes yet, but I’ve been enjoying just how light my body feels. No feeling sluggish or bloated – very nice! I did have a pretty bad headache on Friday which could’ve been a result of my venti latte the day before…or maybe just an adjustment to no CHEESE. Haha…but seriously, that’s the hardest thing to let go of. (confession: as we were cleaning up the block party last night I scarfed a cheese sandwich. Yes, plain bread & cheese.)

I also FINALLY figured out how to make brown rice – it has been the bane of my culinary existence forever. Too sticky. Too crunchy. Too much water. Not enough. Kill me. After a quick search on the interwebs I found out that you can actually cook it like pasta – eureka! Perfect. Rice. As a vegan diet practically revolves around cooked whole grains, this was a definite highlight of my week. Now, on to Week 2…the menu:

Monday: Stir-fried veggies & brown rice
Tuesday: Gnocchi & tomato sauce
Wednesday: Zucchini Gratin (sans parmesan…boo!)
Thursday: “Chipotle” bowl (I’ve fallen in love with my cast-iron skillet & I’ve discovered you can pretty much do anything with quinoa/brown rice, black beans, avocado & lime)
Friday: Salad & leftovers
Saturday: Lasagna


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