Whole Foods

I’ve written before about my journey to better eating and I hesitated even writing this post because it is such a “hot topic” these days. However, in keeping with the name of my blog – food is something I seriously LOVE. With that in mind, we’ve decided to try and eat a strictly whole foods & plant-based diet for the month of September. The reason I phrase it this way instead of vegetarian or vegan is because 1) they are both loaded terms & 2) we knew we wanted to have some flexibility throughout our “diet” (read: lifestyle change!)… I’m hoping to blog about some of our experiences, what I’m sure will be MY personal struggles (Sam is disciplined, I am emotional), and also include any especially good recipes that I find along the way! Our original inspiration came from the documentary Forks over Knives (you can find it on Netflix) & we will also reference the Engine 2 Diet. Yummm…

The basic guidelines will be to eat only:
Whole foods: whole grain, “off the vine” or those with pronounceable ingredients
Plant-based: no meat or meat products (eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc)

I’m hoping this will be not only a physical transformation for me (post-baby!) but also a spiritual one. I recently finished reading Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7 and was really inspired by her unique “fast”: purposefully reducing her life in 7 different areas for 7 months. One chapter was devoted to her month-long pursuit of eating only 7 foods (avocado, chicken, spinach, I can’t remember the rest…) I’m hoping that like any fast, purposefully eating differently will open up space for God to reveal areas that I’m clinging to.

“We fast because, as those already caught up in Jesus’ kingdom-project, in God’s new world, we need to be sure that we are saying a firm goodbye to everything in us that still clings to the old.” [N.T. Wright]


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