Cardboard Zoo!

Due to the recent addition in our household (and mommy needing some quiet time) N has been on quite a few trips to the zoo. What toddler doesn’t love the zoo? It is such a change from the normal everyday activities they participate in at home, they get to be outside, and they get to see ANIMALS! N’s favorites (at least when she has gone with me) were the lemurs & the ducks. Ducks! The Toledo Zoo has this awesome area called Nature’s Neighborhood that is super interactive & she loves to (literally) get her feet wet!

I have so many fond memories of the Zoo (although that was back in the day when you had to travel UNDER the Anthony Wayne Trail in the damp, creepily-lit TUNNEL & the Carnivore Cafe actually housed real feline carnivores! Can’t wait to tell the kids those stories!) and I could gush about our Zoo for a while, so instead I will get on to the craft…

Norah was losing interest in her felt farm (well, actually, I think I’m a step ahead of her in terms of “imaginative” play) so we let a friend borrow it in exchange for some zoo animals. I put together this little play Zoo with a flat box from an Amazon purchase (I think it was a book, maybe?) and with a little acrylic paint & a sharpie it became a cute & cheap toy. I think my two favorite crafting supplies these days are felt & cardboard. They make up (conservatively) half of my pin projects these days too – thank goodness for the new pinterest iPad app! 🙂

We also picked up some library books to add to the experience (and encourage the imagination) and so far she’s had a pretty good time…even if it’s just dumping all her plastic animals from their bin into the zoo and then carrying them around the house.

Brown at the Zoo
If I Ran the Zoo
Monkey & Me (not zoo, but animals)
A is for Animals & Animal Alphabet


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