We have had such an amazing week…and even though I’m definitely feeling like I am 38 weeks pregnant, our house is sparkling & my to-do list is nearly complete! Sam took it upon himself to demolish our housing projects list this past weekend & he was a serious champ – broken siding re-affixed, weeds pulled & mulch spread, back deck stained & lattice hung, bathroom wallpaper removed & primer painted…my man was a machine!

In the meantime, I’ve been finding things to do INDOORS as the weather is not making life pleasant – today’s high was predicted to reach 100! I’ve cleaned and sorted and organized…and today I went a little crazy with some cute contact paper I bought awhile back: recovered some kitchen drawers and made some cute organizers from a microwave popcorn box & protein powder tin!

Last night we reminisced about our first labor experience and Sam gave me a little pep talk (which I definitely needed). Preparing yourself for the labor the second time around is scary in its own way – it’s not fear of the UNknown anymore. 😉

But, I think we are nearly ready for this baby…now I just need to pack!

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