Things I love Thursday

I started this post yesterday, so I’m still going to consider it a “things I love THURSDAY” post! 🙂 It’s finally summer – there are lots of things to LOVE!

Cutting for Stone this was our book club pick for the month of June and seriously, it is my top read of 2012 so far! The novel follows many different story lines (characters) but is mostly about a young surgeon working in a mission hospital in Ethiopia – the story of his birth mother, his identical twin brother, his adoptive family, and his journey of studying medicine are all interwoven with a backdrop of cultural and historical Ethiopia – something I knew little to nothing about. It was such an incredible story (I’m still remember scenes and conversations weeks later!) and the characters (even some of the most fringe characters) had a depth and richness that you are sometimes challenged to find in a popular novel. With so many books out there to waste your time, this one is worth every minute.

The Head & the Heart Sam & I don’t always agree on our music preferences, but this duo has won my heart. Lovely harmonies and sweet sounds – perfect for a sunny afternoon. It also makes an excellent Pandora station.

Fresh Strawberries gosh there is nothing like garden fresh produce and strawberries are one of the most irresistible. It’s hard to go back to store-bought once the season is over. N & I have been eating them by the pound. Fresh sliced is our favorite, but baking them is good too! 🙂

Used Book Stores it’s a little difficult to peruse a used book store with a toddler in tow, but there is just something so wonderful about these treasure troves. We discovered two new favorites in Grand Rapids, OH last weekend: The Library House Book Store. There are actually two locations downtown and one of them is a children’s book store! I hope to get back this summer to spend a little more time in the “grown-up” store, but they were so nice and organized (you’ve been in those book stores where you can’t even maneuver your way through the stacks of disarray and old antiques!) and smelling of delicious books! Bonus: this book store doubles as an art gallery & at least one of the pieces is “interactive” 😉 – N wanted to stay & “play” with the animals all day.

Picnics there is just something so great about eating outside. It’s especially fun with toddlers and we’ve been trying to do it on a weekly basis. I can only imagine how magical it must seem to a two-year-old to be eating outdoors with the sun breaking through the trees and the feel of the warm grass on her toes. Maybe after baby #2 is born I will find some time to make a picnic blanket or some cute caddy roll-ups.

What are you loving these days? 


4 thoughts on “Things I love Thursday

  1. Just finished “Cutting for Stone” on Sunday (finally!) and loved it… what a moving story. I’m having a hard time moving into my next book now, I just want to think about ShivaMarion! Where do you go for strawberry picking?

    • ShivaMarion!!! Gosh – it was such an incredible story! I haven’t actually done the picking this year, but either my parent’s garden 😉 or this year Lori made a run to Hoen’s greenhouse near spring meadows & shared her bounty! 🙂

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