Fave Five: Summer is finally here!

Hot, sticky, summer days are the PERFECT excuse to either 1) take a trip to the air-conditioned library or 2) stay in the cool indoors with a bowl of ice cream and a stack of books. Here are some of our recent favorites!

Pepo & Lolo (and the Red Apple), by: Larronaga We picked up this picture book at the library a few weeks ago & it has quickly become a favorite. The story is simple & sweet: 2 little friends have to learn to work together to get a snack…and it will be adorable to hear your toddler ask for “PEEPO & LOLOOOO, PEEEEES!”

Quacky Duck, by: Paul & Emma Rogers Our little one has been obsessed with ducks recently. She likes birds in general, but ducks have had a special place in her heart. If you ask her what her favorite animal to visit at the Zoo is she will confidently answer “Ducks swimming in the water!” That’s right, we visit the fabulous Toledo Zoo and have to visit the duck pond at least twice. Thankfully, there are LOADS of books about/featuring/starring ducks. I couldn’t find a link to this one, but we found it at the library & the illustrations are very sweet and the story follows a little duck who is irritating everyone on the farm with all her quacking… “For when she quacks she is happy, and when she is happy she quacks!”

Tough Chicks, by: Cece Meng Second in line to ducks would have to be “bawk bawks” (translation: chickens). N has been in love with poultry since she could walk outside at grandma & grandpa’s house and visit the 8 feathered friends on their farm. She loves to feed them dandelion leaves and she proudly announces that “bawk bawks lay eggs” and she has even recently begun crowing like a rooster, who she knows is “the boy bawk bawk.” This story is so cute & follows 3 little chicks who don’t quite fit the mold. Everyone on the farm keeps telling the mother hen to make her chicks “be good” – they should be sweet and eating grain and preening like the other chicks – but instead they play in the dirt and lasso and want to play in the tractor. When the farmer gets in trouble & his tractor won’t start…guess who saves the day? 🙂 I don’t think you can teach the lesson too early – not everyone fits the mold, you just have to be yourself! …and a little Girl Power, of course!

Big Girls Go Potty, by: Richmond With baby #2 on the way (5 weeks!!!!!) I have been dreading the thought of changing 2 sets of diapers every day…some days that’s what I feel like I do ALL DAY as it is. However, I’ve read enough about the Do’s & Dont’s of potty training to know that rushing into it before your toddler is ready is the biggest guarantee of a stressful & chaotic transition for both of you. So, with that said, I’m starting slow by introducing the idea gradually: modeling, helping Elmo to “go potty,” talking about it throughout the day, letting her wear her “big girl” undies, and reading lots of books! This one has been our favorite. It stars a cute little girl named Emma and it is very clear and thorough. N loves for me to read it to her while she is sitting on the potty and so far we have had a very positive experience with very few accidents! 😉

Baby Bug Mag, by: CRICKET These cute little magazines are full of short stories & poems that are engaging & interactive (with heavy-duty pages for little hands). Most issues will have “I Spy” type activities or even hand motions to learn with the rhymes. We’ve loved picking up these mags at the library and sometimes N will even sit on the couch with her little stack and let mama have a few minutes to read her “big girl” magazines 😉 …if your kid loves getting mail, this could be a great one to subscribe to as well!

Happy reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fave Five: Summer is finally here!

  1. These are fun books – and they are all new to us 🙂 I’ll have to see if I can find them at our library, Another great potty training book is A Potty for Me by Karen Katz. The pics are cute, the story is easy and so fun to memorize. I have one potty trained and have started to think about the next one. Yikes!! Thanks so much for linking up at the Summer Connections Blog Hop!

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