Things I love Thursday

This weekend we enjoyed a 4-day STAYcation…and it was glorious. The house was clean, the baby was with grandparents (for some of the time), and we filled the weekend with good books, quiet evenings, movies, pizza, and beautiful together-ness. We’ve also enjoyed some of the most incredible weather of the season this week, so watch out – there are a lot of things I’m LOVING!

Green smoothies
I love starting my day with straight up fruits & veggies – it just makes the day better. I usually wing the recipe but the more frozen fruits & vegetables you use the better the texture (in my opinion). This week I’ve used approx: 4 frozen strawberries, a handful frozen blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/4-1/2 c. frozen chopped spinach & just enough cold water to cover everything. I blend mine with an immersion blender. Yummo!

Book Club
I just love my book club. It is so fun & refreshing to read books (even ones I might not pick on my own) and then have a group of women to get together with & talk it out. Do you ever read a book & just WISH that you knew someone else who had read it so you could talk & analyze & critique & LOVE on it, together?? Check out my Book List to see what we’ve read/plan to read.

Summer sunrise on the deck
Part of our stay-cation was working in the yard (while we didn’t have an adventurous little toddler under our feet) and we finally found a table & chairs set (for the right price) to put on our back deck. Ahhhhhhh!

Pedicures & $5 sandals
It’s probably not the best idea to buy shoes while you are 7 months pregnant, but I RARELY find goodies at Savers so I couldn’t pass them up. Pedicures are always a good idea when you’re pregnant.

Paul Simon
Ok Sam, I’m hooked.
Seriously underrated. If you plan well & get your house clean (so you’re not tempted to complete “everyday” chores/tasks) you can enjoy a wonderful & inexpensive date-weekend with your special someone. Even better, visit memorable places from your dating days (evening stroll through Bowling Green & coffee at Grounds), or take a day-trip to a local hot spot (Maumee Bay – haha).

Not only do these lovely flowers remind me of one of my FAVORITE children’s books, but it’s also the natural food source for a local endangered butterfly species! I started these from seed two summers ago & they finally have flowers!

Fresh strawberries!
Seriously, make one of these recipes this week:

Homemade pizza & frozen custard
Ok, it just wouldn’t be a “Things I Love” post if I didn’t include plenty of food. This week I rediscovered homemade pizza & how SIMPLE it can be (why does it always feel so intimidating?) and we have pretty much been in love with Ritter’s frozen custard since they built one 10 minutes from our house. Perfect dinner & dessert.

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards
I had no idea how much my heart would melt!

 Happy Thursday!

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