Rhythms of Family: May

I had been meaning to write a post on family rhythms for each month of the year (inspiration from this book) but I completely skipped March & I actually still thought it was April today until I looked at my calendar!! (sidenote: “mommy brain” is legit.) Oops…warm weather kept me outdoors, I guess. Maybe this post should be titled “Rhythms of Family: Spring“…

I was just reflecting last night that I’ve really appreciated how long of a spring we’ve had this year. Granted, we barely had a winter…but I feel like the last few years have transitioned from bitter, cold, winter to humid, sticky, summer VERY quickly. I’ve appreciated the cooler (albeit grey) days interspersed with an occasional sunny (sweatshirt & flip-flops) day.

When I was a kid I LOVED spring. I probably would’ve claimed it as my “favorite” – along with lilacs, the beach, cinnamon pop tarts, and All American Rejects. I can vividly remember the smells of spring – especially growing up in the country. The world just seemed to come alive in the spring! I loved waking up in the morning for school and having the SUN UP! Walking out to feed the chickens in the morning was actually pleasant because there wasn’t a foot of snow on the ground and the wind wasn’t freezing the snot to your face. Trees began blooming and the sweet smell of lilac and crab apple would fill the yard. Days were warmer and allowed for outdoor activities after school.

I have a vivid spring-time memory of walking down the street to my friend Christy’s house (I was maybe in 6th grade?) and we spent an entire afternoon down by the creek behind her house collecting “water samples”. This must have been my first attempts at environmental science…although I have no idea where we got the idea. We filled ziploc bags with water from different sections of the creek, labeled them (quantitative data, yo!), and then froze them in her family’s freezer (not sure why we did this…). We also collected macro-invertebrates and frogs and we may have even kept field notebooks with sketches!

Even though we live in a more urban area than where I (and my husband) grew up, I look forward to building in rhythms with our kids that challenge them to explore their world…

  • Planning our garden together & starting seeds
  • Making “nature art” with pinecones, seeds, dandelions, etc
  • Keeping a field notebook for walks at the park (the link is for an older child, but you could make a much┬ásimpler one for pre-K or school-age kiddos – this post has lots of great ideas!!)
  • Lots of picnics!
  • Learning to distinguish bug sounds!! (or bird calls, or animal tracks, or leaves & trees…I could go on.)
  • Getting OUTSIDE at least once a day – regardless of weather! (this blog post gave me some inspiration…now I just need to go get this kiddo some galoshes!)

Find some time to get outside today – happy May & happy spring!

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