DIY Crochet Baby Rings

I attended a baby shower recently for a dear friend from high school. It was so fun to reconnect with old friends & acquaintances – and especially to meet their CHILDREN (or children-to-be)! There were at least 4 of us, including the lovely lady being “showered”, who were pregnant and many others that had their kids/grandkids with them (or at least pics to share). It was so strange being in the church I grew up in and seeing all of my childhood friends growing their own families. It was a beautiful thing & a reminder that time flies fast.

My mom and I went in on our gift together and gave her an assortment of board books, a cozy blanket & cloth diaper, and other goodies. I also wanted to make her something. I LOVED receiving home-crafted things for my baby shower – it is so special to wrap your new little bundle in something that has been hand-made with love. I didn’t give myself enough time to make a blanket like I had planned, but I ran across an adorable crochet pattern for a teether toy. This project was so simple & turned out so cute, I had to share it! The pattern can be found over at Herbst Handmade & you can use whatever colors you’d like. I knew my friend was having a little girlie so I went with purple.  You crochet the small loops first, then the big one and slide the littles on before joining the ends. Easy! This probably took me 2 hours tops (and that’s only because I’m still a little slow when changing colors.) It would be great for little gums – especially if you’re concerned about them chowing down on plastic all the time.

Update: I stuffed the big ring with fiber fill & little jingle bells – the small rings were tight enough I didn’t need to stuff them.

Here are a few other ideas I wouldn’t mind making for a shower someday or my little one on-the-way:

Happy Monday 🙂


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