Scrappy Quilt

Like I posted a few days ago, I am blessed to be surrounded by many creative women! Crafters, bakers, poets, musicians, mothers (making & raising beautiful babies), photographers, gardeners…It is pure joy to watch them do their thing(s). A few weekends ago a small group of us got together to sew – some of us for the first time! 😉 There was a creative energy in the room with ideas & inspiration bouncing between the tables. Two of the pro’s were working on sewing some new clothes (one a lovely tunic & the other recycling some old yoga pants into a comfy, stretchy top!) and the rest of us were trying our hand at a “rag quilt”. This was my first real sewing project and I’m already realizing that it’s going to be a challenging first go.

After coming home, I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces as I have available nap times or quiet evenings & my plan is to have it done in time to gift it to my toddler on her 2nd birthday as she transitions to her “big girl” bed… so far, I only have 4 rows done! Gah! I’m so impatient!

So, in the name of starting AND finishing a project in one sitting (there is nothing more satisfying) I decided to make a scrappy quilt with some flannel receiving blankets I had laying around. I used the basic principles I had learned at the sewing party & then just sort of tried to “wing it”. In the end I ended up with a decent little blanket, but I’ve decided instead of using it as a quilt I will use it as a travel changing pad (I never got around to actually buying one for baby #1). It’s the perfect size & will roll up easily into a diaper bag.

Basic Step-by-Step “Scrappy Quilt”:
1. Top: cut strips of varying size to piece together for the top layer. Sew right-side-together so the seam will be hidden inside the quilt (I used 4 coordinating blankets).
2. Bottom: once the top was assembled I cut a coordinating bottom layer (just one blanket/solid print).

3. I cut a slightly smaller layer of batting and connected it to the top layer (yay pins) with 2 seams running down the center.

4. With the top/batting & bottom layers facing right-side-together I sewed around the edge leaving a small hole to turn it right-side-out.
5. I folded in the open edge (should’ve trimmed the extra around the seam & ironed at this point), sewed 3 more seams down the center of the quilt to hold it all together, and then sewed a zig-zag around the edge to finish it off.
Lessons Learned:

  • Take the time to iron your seams…it seems like an annoying extra step, but my machine couldn’t sew over the bulk & I ended up with darts & puckers. (Anyone have any tips…or can anyone explain a walking foot to me? I think I’m going to need this to finish my rag quilt.)
  • Trim extra fabric from the seams…or just cut accurately. I’m sort of a “bend the rules” crafter, but that doesn’t always pay off in the end. (After this project I ordered a mat & rotary cutter on Amazon – ha!)
It turned out pretty good for being an impulsive project, the flannel makes it so soft, and I will definitely put it to good use changing diapers with baby #2. The rest of the flannel receiving blankets were cut into squares for a fresh batch of cloth wipes!
Happy crafting & enjoy this beautiful Easter Monday!

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