Pin Project #9: Toddler Crafts & “Busy Bag”

This post has been a few weeks in the making…and the project won’t really be entirely complete until my toddler’s second birthday in May! I have been working on crafting some little games/puzzles/flashcards to make her a “Busy Bag” as part of her gift this year. I found the original post on Pinterest and have seen MANY variations since – including a “Busy Bag” party where each mom/attendee makes a bunch of one game/activity & then everyone exchanges. Pretty neat. Here are the paper crafts I have been working on to add to my munchkin’s birthday bag: numeral flashcards, Sesame Street matching puzzle, and an easy Memory Game.

The plan is to laminate everything so she doesn’t destroy them too quickly…and I hope to add icecream ABC flashcards, and a color wheel…but AH there are just so many cute ideas! Here is a list of more of my “go to” blogs for toddler inspiration and you can find more ideas on my Kiddos Pin Board. Happy crafting!!


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