Pin Project #8: Mod Podge Bird Feeder

Today is a beautiful day! Thankfully, I spent most of nap time outdoors. Our yard is slowly beginning to be plant-season-ready and one of the biggest tasks for this season was leveling & seeding our back lawn. After the previous owners took their pool away and we did a drive-way project last year, our back yard was basically a big circle of bare dirt & weeds (we affectionately called it the “crop circle”). So last week we raked everything flat, filled in holes with topsoil, and laid down fertilizer & seed. Now we just need lots of sun, water, & prayer! 🙂 One other potential problem is I’ve been noticing a family of robins hanging around the bare patches and I’m sure they’re enjoying seeds as well as exposed bugs. So today’s project was an attempt to distract our feathered friends from eating all our grass seed!

The inspiration came from a combination of pins: here and here. This would be an easy & fun craft to do with kiddos too!

What you need:
Waxy carton (I used Almond Milk)
Scrap tissue paper
Mod Podge & small sponge brush
Scissors (I also used these to cut small holes for the skewers & string too)
Small wooden skewers (I used leftover shish-kabob from last summer!)
Fishing line (or yarn or jute or string…)
Your favorite bird seed

Instructions: Cut your carton, cover with tissue & Mod Podge, pierce with skewer, string with fishing line, fill with seed. Done!

I’ll have to let you know if they actually work as a distraction for the birds…and if our grass seed actually GROWS! 😉



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