Pin Project #7: Mod Podge Canvas

So you would think, being the lover of crafts that I am, that I would have LOADS of experience using Mod Podge (the all-purpose adhesive, sealant, epitome of all things crafty). But, no! Today was my FIRST EVER Mod Podge project…and I have to say, I’m sold! It was simple to use, easy to clean up, and had very fun results. In fact, my Pin Project for tomorrow also involves the Podge…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Today’s project was inspired but a couple different pins, but the original idea was a sort of painted over collage on canvas (which I still might try some day).

However, this project is not a collage…instead, it began with a garage sale children’s book that I couldn’t get rid of. After purchasing the book “for its cover” I realized that the story was poop, but I still loved the artwork so I just packed it away. I was finally inspired to try Mod Podge-ing my favorite illustrations to little canvases (6″x8″) and hanging them in the kiddo’s room. This was the result:

Garage sale treasure!

The basic storyline: little boy meets a new playmate in his backyard (a ferocious lion) and they spend the afternoon laying in the sun and eating apples. The moral of the story was what was strange to me & why I decided to dismantle the book for future art projects rather than bother reading it to my children…

I really like the end result and I’m going to stop somewhere tomorrow to pick up a third canvas to complete the trio. Also, the picture below shows my complete Pom Pom project from last week…in case you were wondering. 🙂 Happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Pin Project #7: Mod Podge Canvas

    • Thanks for reading Sarah 🙂 …this was so simple & it only wrinkled the page a little. I’m sure it would also depend on the type of paper used in the book. Maybe do a practice run with a page you don’t really care about to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle or the ink doesn’t run!

    • Hi! Thanks for reading! I’m assuming u mean attached to the wall? I already had one nail so that’s how I hung the top pic & the second was just a clear thumb tack (same that I used to hang the pom poms).

      I painted a thin coat of mod podge to the canvas to attach the picture & then covered it with another coat once it dried. The top one got one wrinkle in it, but u can barely tell now that it’s dried & on the wall. 🙂

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