Pin Project #4: Pom Poms

Yesterday got away from me – I completed my “project” for the day, but didn’t give myself enough time to post about it last night. This project has been on my pinboard for a loooong time – probably since I originally signed up. I feel like it is a classic “pin” (along with chalkboard paint, modge podge, DIY throw pillows, and pictures of Jacob). Pom Poms are cute and versatile – hang them up in a kids room or over a table when you need quick & care-free decorating. I plan to hang these in the kids’ room over the crib…when I find the time to move the crib, vacuum, stand on a chair & tape them to the ceiling, etc.

Here’s what you need:

  • Tissue paper (I got 4 packs for $1 each at Dollar Tree)
  • Floral wire ($2 at Dollar Tree)
  • Fishing wire ($5 at Target)
  • Scissors

I did a “practice” run & it was a good thing I did because it was a sad, crumpled mess. I learned a few things quickly: 1) keep the paper flat when secure the center with floral wire or it will just be a jumbled mess 2) cut the “petals” distinctly (not just a rounded end) for the best shape.

First attempt: sad Pom Pom (see how the petals aren’t really “petals”)

1) Keep the paper flat when you secure it in the middle
2) cut petals down the side if you want the fluffy, flower look

The finished product turned out really cute & I think they will look good over the crib – the little one already wants to play with them. (Note: this would be an easy project to do with toddlers because you can just give them the scrap tissue paper & they will GO. TO. TOWN.)

Today is the last day of crafting this week & I have no plans for naptime…any ideas????


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