Pin Project #3: In the Garden

I awoke Monday morning to a fluffy-white snowfall and nearly 4 inches on the ground around my house. Today the thermometer reads 67F and I spent one glorious, sunny hour in my garden!  The stark contrast in seasons (even days, apparently) is one of the things I really love about living in the Midwest. Having the contrast of distinct seasons makes me appreciate each one more – the brisk, dry smells of fall, the chill of winter that forces you to stay cozy indoors, the glorious warmth & sunshine of spring, the humid heat of summer – I look forward to each! (Except when one sticks around past due – there should never be snow in April or humid, sticky days in October…haha!)

I’ve had a pinterest board specifically designated for “Garden” crafts, tips, and ideas. Today I went to work cleaning out my beds (my dad helped me build last summer) which I had never found the time to do in the fall.

Before: I hadn’t even taken out my tomato stakes or an entire row of onions – oops!

After: ahhh, so much better. Ready for top soil & planting.

They were a mess & I didn’t really get to clean them as much as I wanted because the wind was furious today and kept tossing the leaves back in my face. Some day this week I plan to head over to Black Diamond and get some topsoil to add where the ground has significantly settled since last year and then start PLANTING!! I’ve always tried to start some seeds indoors but our house does NOT get good southern light (darn front porch) so last year my seedlings were very spindly. I think I am going to focus on starting cold-weather seeds (greens, beets, peas) outside this year and then picking up starters once the weather gets warmer (tomatoes, peppers, etc) at one of my favorite local greenhouses. 🙂 I also found a cute website for finding the best time to start your seeds on pinterest – check out Sprout Robot.

The “project” I picked for today was chalkboard-ing clay pots.
Pretty basic idea, but cute! I had leftover paint from my kitchen door project & it probably took me a total of 20 minutes to tape & paint the pots. I think I’m going to use 2 of them for herbs and gift one to my neighbor who has a serious green thumb. Those are her sunflowers in the picture below (pic taken last summer).

Can’t wait for our yard to look like this again!! Happy soon-to-be Spring!

PS: Here is a clue for tomorrow’s project – what is more popular on pinterest than chalkboard paint? …PomPoms!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Pin Project #3: In the Garden

  1. Those beds would be perfect for square foot gardening…gets more.produce in less space. The book we have has a soil mixture “recipe” that holds moisture and doesn’t get weeds. Let me know if you are interested and I will dig up more info for you.

    • Thanks Joy! That’s what I attempted last year, but I did not add any amendments or anything to the soil. If you can dig it up I would love to check it out, but no worries if not. I’m heading to black diamond today – yay!! 🙂

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