Pin Project #1: Toddler “Toys”

Today was my first day of my Pinterest Project (to complete 1 crafty project/recipe/tip during nap time for the next 2 weeks). It was a bit of a rough start. I gave up “screens” for Lent and so I had written on a post-it some ideas to break out on Day 1, but after I sat on the couch for a bit, listened to some NPR, and just otherwise distracted myself…I realized that I really needed the internet to get the “details” on some of my potential projects. Oh well, so I learned my lesson.

So today’s project  ended up on the lazy side, but the little one still enjoyed her new “toys.” The pin I used was for a toddler blog that has LOADS of great, easy, and cheap ideas for playing with your kids. I highly recommend it. I chose two simple projects: all I needed was pipe cleaners, a colander, an empty tissue box, and scrap fabric!

fine motor skills 🙂

This one was fun enough to entertain her while I put ALL the groceries away, cleaned the fridge, AND prepped fruits & veggies for the week. I’d call that a success. And its pretty cute when she calls it her “pot of pagetti” 🙂 …the second “toy” was inspired by the blog but was perfect for my little monster who loves to sneak into her room with a box of tissues and pull every SINGLE tissue out one by one. I just filled an empty tissue box with scrap fabric, cloth napkins, bandanas, and ribbon.

I can imagine it is pretty thrilling.

Then we just played with bandanas.

One day down, 9 more to go! Tomorrow is sort of a cheat because I made a dessert for Sam’s birthday (tomorrow), but I actually used the recipe today. Oh well, it’s my challenge… Happy crafting!


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