Pinterest Project(s)

Like most people? (women? bloggers?) I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I discovered the visual organizer about a year ago and have loved organizing my bookmarks and projects in a neat & tidy way. I always struggled with digital “clutter” – saving bookmarks, emailing links to myself, subscribing to countless blog…..and then never actually making the projects that had inspired me. Pinterest saved the day! 🙂 Some of my favorite (completed) projects have been:

DIY Luminaries.

Anniversary picture with our “first dance” lyrics (original link was inactive – sorry! It’s pretty self-explanatory & I found the picture frame at a garage sale. Bonus!).

Yes, I jumped on the chalkboard paint wagon!

Wine cork monogram.

I’ve also discovered countless recipes, crocheted a bunny, and made glitter wands & chunky crayons for the toddler. Ah, pinterest. It’s easy to get addicted.

Recently I was noticing that my blog posts have been lacking in the creative category. I originally planned to blog on life & writing (“life” including gardening, recipes, kid fun, and crafts). I’ve also noticed myself stock piling “ideas” on pinterest but not making the time to really CREATE anything. So I’ve decided to give myself a challenge: 2 weeks of Pinterest projects! My goal is to complete one project/craft/recipe/tip per nap-time for the next 2 weeks (excluding weekends) and blog along the way to hopefully share the creative inspiration.

Hope you enjoy & join in!



3 thoughts on “Pinterest Project(s)

  1. yay! Such cute things you have already done. I know the chalkboard paint is most literally EVERWHERE but… it is nice 🙂 I’m a little jealous!

    • haha..i know! I did paint that door LAST spring though so I feel ok about it 🙂 …I have so many ideas pinned for our basement “redo” but I just don’t have the energy to do it. Yours is pretty inspirational though!

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