Valentine’s Cynicism

I remember growing up and hearing my Dad say, “I don’t need Hallmark to tell me when to be romantic with my wife! Valentine’s Day should be every other day of the year!” For the most part he lived up to his sentiments. He would bring home flowers spontaneously for my mom all throughout the year regardless of “what day it was” and he was definitely the more romantic half of their pair (dancing to Sinatra after dinner or breaking into a robust love song over dessert). For the most part I agree with my Dad and consider Valentine’s Day a bit of a waste (especially for all the heart ache it can cause those who don’t have a “significant other” at the time), but it is nice to have days that are out of the ordinary simply for celebrating the one(s) you love.

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day around here, the anniversary of the day we met and also our wedding are usually most significant celebrations of the year, but this year we decided to have a little fun and I stole the idea for Mad Lib Valentine Letters! Maybe I will post the results tomorrow… Then we’re going to enjoy a family dinner with our littlest Valentine and end the evening with a movie – most likely Midnight in Paris (I’ve heard good things).

May you find joy in the love surrounding you this day and every day!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Cynicism

  1. Lindsey– I’ve had the exact opposite experience. My dad would always give my mom something extra special on Valentine’s Day, and he’d also give my sister and I something, too. Then when your uncle and I were dating, he’d give me stuffed animals, flowers, the whole bit. Then after we were married, everything stopped and he told me he only did those things because his mom made him. He said he didn’t need a Hallmark holiday… blah, blah, blah. It was many years later that he surprised me with flowers for Valentine’s Day, and every year since, we’ve either gone out to dinner or given a small gift to each other. I’m guessing your dad had a talk with him at some point, and I’m glad he did. Since I grew up celebrating the day, I always feel as if something is wrong if nothing is done. Glad you have a little something planned for this evening.

  2. Dear Lindsey,

    What a great post! We men can all learn much from your father. He is a great example to me of how a man’s character should be shaped.

    It’s probably time for me to get some Sinatra albums and start practicing my singing voice. πŸ™‚

    I hope all is well with you, Sam, and the little ones!


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