Rhythms of Family: January

What happened to January? I can’t believe that the month is almost over and, on top of it,we’ve enjoyed more mild days than the typical, mid-west-sub-arctic weather we usually enjoy this time of year. Just a week ago a friend & I enjoyed a nice, long, SUNNY walk at the park with our kiddos! The park? Ohio?? January?? Who does that? It was pretty amazing & after my long, dark days of laying around the house growing a baby it was quite literally a breath of fresh air!

Winter can often feel like a long dark tunnel. Is there light at the end? These teaser days only make it worse & get me brainstorming about garden plans & starter seeds. I’m sure plenty of moms would gladly join their toddlers, faces pressed up to the window, longingly waiting for spring to come so we can just go outside!

This month’s rhythms are more likely to contain snuggly days of reading under covers, playing games in the early-dark before dinner, or enjoying a warm bowl of soup with fresh bread. I know that someday our winter rituals will contain more outdoor activities: building snow forts and sled races with dad & grandpa, but for now I will try to be present (even on the long, dark days) and be thankful for the warmth family can bring.

What are some of your favorite winter rhythms? 


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