Snowy & Quiet Sabbath

Community has become a buzzword in the church in recent years. Overbusy individuals hope they can cram it into their overstuffed schedules like their membership to a health and fitness club (which they never have time to use). Churches hope they can conjure it with candles, programs, or training videos. …community is far more costly than that: one cannot add it to anything, rather one must begin with it in order to enter it, practice it, and preserve it.” Brian McLaren, A Generous Orthodoxy

“The truth is I don’t know much about Christian community…[and] let me confess a few things about myself. I have always been somewhat of a solitary figure, a moody person who gets nervous when I start to feel my personal space threatened…I panic at the thought of having to be somewhere and having to spend time with people I don’t know nor have a vested interest in. …but I belong to a faith tradition formed and steeped in the idea of self-denial for love of the neighbor and rooted in community…I belong to a tradition that tells me my life is not really my own but rather is caught up in the divine and communal life of something much bigger than myself. …These are all tenets I find hard to swallow on a daily basis. I prefer the parts of the tradition that talk about grace and God’s forgiveness of us and the fact that none of us can ever really measure up to perfection. These parts offer me the illusion that I am off the hook from striving to be something that I obviously was not cut out to be – holy.” Enuma Okoro, Reluctant Pilgrim


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