Fave Five: An Introduction

Oh, I am so excited about this new blogging tradition: Fave Five.

I read about/got the idea at Dinner: a Love Story which, incidentally, if you’ve never visited Do. It. Now. You will just love their little family and all the delicious & time-saving dinner ideas!

Ok. Fave Five. This will be a post written about our most current five favorite books! I’m so excited. The original idea was an attempt to “hold on to [her] daughters’ childhoods” as she discarded/gave away/donated old books & memorabilia and I think I can empathize with that feeling. My Fave Five will also serve as a mile-marker and memory-keeper of stories shared as our family grows! Can you tell I’m excited?

It goes without saying that there are so many baby/toddler/childrens books that are just classics (Where the Wild Things Are, Guess How Much I Love You, Where’s Baby’s Belly Button, I could go on…and on…) and there is no way I will be able to include them all. So I will just be highlighting the extra special (i.e. Norah will sit on your lap & read it 63 times in a row) or maybe even occasionally obscure book that strikes our fancy. And so…

Five Books We Love Right Now:

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Big Hungry Bear (board book), by: Audrey & Don Wood This was one of my absolute favorite story books as a kid and I nearly flipped when I found it (board book style) for 65 cents at Savers! (Please don’t stare at the pregnant woman crying and laughing in Aisle 2.) The story is short & sweet and the illustrations are to die for. Norah loves to read “Boom! Boom! Boom!” as the bear tromps through the forest on his big hungry feet…and at the end she gets to yell a triumphant “Yum!” as the mouse finally gets to enjoy his delicious strawberry.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by: Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury This is such a fun story with plenty of great sound effects and the illustrations in this version are just heart-warming. By the way, Norah might have the most authentic bear “roar” you’ve ever heard.

The Going to Bed Book, by: Sandra Boynton This may be more of a “mom” favorite, but hey – I’m making the list. I love any of the Boynton books but this one is just so cute and what better way to snuggle off to bed than rhyming couplets? “The moon is high, the sea is deep. They rock and rock and rock to sleep.”

Goodnight Moon (Lap Edition board book), by: Margaret Wise Brown Norah just loves this book and the big pictures mesmerize her. She has to find the teeny tiny little mouse hiding in every picture (see him there on the floor by the fireplace?). I will have to get her Where’s Waldo someday.

The Monster at the End of this Book, by: Sesame Street? I should clarify, Norah liked this golden book, but she LOVES the iPad app! It’s very affordable and completely worth it. The illustrations come to life & loveable, furry old Grover, himself reads the story. So cute. (Just be prepared for meltdowns when you get the iPad out for any other constructive purpose.)

Hope you enjoyed our first edition of Fave Five & please feel free to leave your own current favorites in the comments – we’re always on the look out for new stories to read & share!


6 thoughts on “Fave Five: An Introduction

  1. I totally understand the meltdowns with the iPad. Becca does the same thing! Have you downloaded “Another Monster at the End of This Book”? It includes Elmo as well as Grover. Becca loves that one too.

  2. I loved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and There’s a Monster at the End of This Book! Such great picks 🙂 One of my other favorites was Make Way for Ducklings, and “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant,” I’m Going to Sneeze!”. I love children’s books, can’t wait to have a collection.

    • I’ll have to look for “Ducklings” at the library 🙂 and we have the elephant book somewhere but it must not be a board book – I have a small collection of paper books, but I can’t trust Norah with them yet so they’re in a box in the basement 😉

  3. We love Goodnight Moon as well! Do you have “This is what I pray today” by Tickle? I really like it and it’s become a daily ritual for Judah too!

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