DIY Glitter wand magic!

Here is another easy-peasy toddler toy you can make. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE staring at swirling bottles of glitter? I got this original idea from a cute blog here and have to say – I love her cute little bottles, but had no clue what they were. Ended up going with the next best thing (a lipton iced tea & a mini gatorade bottle).

Here’s what you need:

  • Plastic bottles & caps (small enough for tiny hands)
  • Shiny goodies (glitter, confetti, pompoms, string, dice from an old game, plastic trinkets, shiny things, etc)
  • Water (good ole tap)
  • Hot glue (if you’re worried your little genius will figure out the twist tops)

These were really easy and I would recommend just scouring your home craft supplies for items to fill your bottles or even go thrifting rather than buying new – I made the mistake of buying new and realized I probably ended up paying a lot more for my little  “project” than I ever would’ve paid for a store-bought kaleidescope (& I have so much left-over glitter I’m going to have start bedazzling everything!). Hope you have fun making these & your kiddos enjoy hours of sparkly fun!

Also note: while I was in the process of filling my bottles with water, Norah discovered that they also made excellent, noisy shakers – so I decided to leave one “dry” to add to our percussion section. 😉


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