Giving Thanks

This is my absolute favorite time of year. Of course I can find something to love about each season, but the holiday season is something special. In October you have Halloween and the leaves changing and apple picking and shorter days (snuggly nights). November is just beginning to feel like winter and the chill is making you bundle up more, and drink more toasty beverages and maybe sit and read by a glowing fire. I also love taking an entire month to focus on gratitude! December has it’s own special wonders: glistening snow, singing carols, making cookies, giving gifts, lighting candles, being generous and hopeful.

But there will be plenty of time for that next month.

A friend of mine is trying find one specific thing to be grateful for each day this month – what a beautiful goal! I love reading her facebook updates about her family or siblings or whatever is making her smile that day, you can’t help but be thankful with her. And so, what am I thankful for?

  • Warm cups of tea & “write-ins” with a good friend
  • Sweet almond candles
  • Unusually warm November sundays
  • My healthy, bright & infectiously happy little girl
  • Pumpkins (& pumpkin baked goods)
  • My cozy home that is just the right size for our little family
  • Being blessed to be a part of the most amazing community of people in Toledo & getting to share my life & stories with some of the most beautiful & sincere women!
  • Flannel & leggings
  • Book Club & novel-writing
  • My loving and hard-working husband who not only works an incredibly time-consuming, full-time job but finds time to be a best friend to me and a daddy to our daughter
  • Making forts & fall-ish crafts
“Day after day we are given sunlight, water, air, breath, food, drink, family, friends, work, rest, sight, hearing, and a million other blessings, again & again…so when I notice I’ve been taking these gifts for granted – a sure sign of which is that I am moaning & groaning… – I rededicate myself to the practice of gratitude: Again God, you have blessed me. Again, I savor this gift. Again I say THANKS.”
(Brian McLaren, Naked Spirituality)

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. My sister is doing this too on Facebook. I was the target of her thankfulness on November 5th. It was wonderful for her to do, and I love seeing these. I am planning on doing it next November. For December, I’m thinking about putting something in each day about a Christmas memory. Love you!

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