Toddler crayons!

So apparently, Norah has reached the point in her development (according to where she can begin to color! They send me these updates every couple weeks with tips/helpful feedback/ideas/milestones/etc of where my “toddler” should be in her development. I sometimes find time to glance through them but more often than not they disappear into the purgatory of my inbox. 

However, when I saw this particular milestone I got excited about the thought of little art projects & creative exploration with her and so I immediately set out for the nearest thrift store to make her some JUMBO crayons! I think I may have gotten this idea from pinterest (not really sure?) but it was easy enough…

Step 1: Buy a cheap box of crayons or scrape together an assortment of broken/unloved crayons that you already have at home (under the car seats, behind the couch, in the bottom of random drawers) – I got mine at Savers for 99 cents!)

Step 2: Remove the paper & break up your crayons into ~1/4″ pieces

Step 3: Put your pieces of crayon into a mini muffin tin (also for 99 cents at Savers, but if you already have one – even better!) No need to line them, but I suppose you could if you wanted less clean up.

Step 4: Bake your crayons until they melt together (I used similar colors together, but I’ll bet rainbow would be neat too) – Most of the “recipes” I found online had you bake them at a low temp (200ish) for about 15 mins. but mine wouldn’t melt that easily so I ended up jacking the heat to 300ish and baking them for an extra 10 mins. After I turned up the heat I just kept an eye on them until they melted.

Step 5: Cool & Color!!

These were super easy & Norah had as much fun stacking & sorting them as she did coloring with them. They seemed a little waxy which may have been a result of buying cheap crayons or from my impatience with the baking temp. Not sure, but regardless, they worked fine.

Also note: I taped the paper to the table with painter’s tape 😉 much easier for her to focus on coloring and not ripping the paper to shreds! Just remove the tape slowly.


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